Application Process – Entrepreneur Training


Hopefully you have a better understanding of the criteria and qualifications for admittance. The next step is to begin the process.

To be considered, you should review our application process below and follow the instructions.  The earlier that you apply, the sooner you can begin working toward your entrepreneur dream.  This will get you one step closer to your entrepreneurial journey.

How the Application Process Works

It all starts with you.  We ask that once you begin this process, you are ready to get started.  We are 100% committed to your success from the start and we expect the same from you. So before you even begin to fill out our application, you need to make sure that you have thought through your idea of starting a business and you need to be prepared to hit the ground running.  Nothing is easy about starting your own business and it all begins with having the right mindset.  If you are ready to change your life, we are ready to help you succeed.

Online Application

We are not going to request to look at your finances or review your academic achievements.  What we want is to dig deeper and truly understand why you want to become an entrepreneur, by answering all the questions.

One on One Interview

This will be your opportunity to speak with one of the members of our team.  We want to get to know you better and give you the chance to learn more about the program first hand.  We will discuss your application and try to get a better appreciation for your background, character, and mindset.  You will also have the chance to get any questions you may have answered.  The goal is to 100% make sure that our programs will be a good fit for you.


Once we complete your interview and it is determined to be a good fit, it will be time to get you registered in one of our upcoming classes!  Once you are in, you will quickly find out that we are much more than just an education program.  The reality is that we are a family of entrepreneurs who all do whatever it takes to help each other succeed!

The course will require you to put in your time and your effort. You will see from the start that a lot will be expected from you and you will always get out what you put into the course and the group.