Entrepreneur Training (MBMBA)

Mission Bridges Minority Business Accelerator (MBMBA)

At MISSION/BRIDGES our business training course surrounds you with other supportive members who share the drive to achieve financial independence and use your creativity in a way that you cannot do at your day job. The business trainer gives practical how-to information to the class, as well as a sense of empowerment by showing students how small businesses are started every day across the country. You graduate knowing that MISSION/BRIDGES is there as a resource moving forward with your business launch.

The ideal client for Mission/Bridges is a low-to moderate income earner, currently employed or source of income, who has less potential than others in the community to succeed or achieve advancement in work. This may be due to not graduating high school or attending college, past incarceration, or simply being a member of a minority group or community. You are not unemployed or unemployable, but have greater creativity and drive than your current job gives you the ability to exercise. Then you are perfect candidates for Mission Bridges Minority Business Accelerator Training Program.

The typical Mission/Bridges client may only a basic concept of how to create a workable business. Working long hours for little more than minimum wage and does not see many opportunities to better due to lack of education, money or guidance.

The intended client for Mission/Bridges has the following characteristics:

  • 25 years old and up
  • Member of a minority group or community
  • No or limited college education
  • Earns less than $35,000 per year/$45,000 if you have dependents
  • Typically a blue collar job or entry level office worker
  • Lives within the city limits of DFW Metroplex (required due to grants focusing on serving this population)
  • Has ideas for entrepreneurship, but lacks the know-how or skills to launch


Mission Bridges Minority Business Accelerator (MBMBA) is designed to advance economic inclusion within the DFW Metroplex. Mission/Bridges purpose for the MBMBA is to help accelerate the development of disadvantaged/minority owned business and to strengthen and expand the DFW minority entrepreneurial community.

The MBMBA has been established as to drive positive economic impact in communities, by increasing the overall capacity of small business and nonprofits located within the DFW Metroplex. The MBMBA program prepares disadvantaged/minority-owned businesses and nonprofits for growth and expansion to create a competitive advantage.

The MBMBA program grows the economic success of disadvantaged persons through business development services, mentoring, and access to corporations and businesses for partnership opportunities. The program is focused on reducing disparity of small business ownership, leading to more viable and competitive small businesses and nonprofits that grow and create meaningful jobs.

  • Is entrepreneurship the right choice for you?
  • Do you have a business idea but not sure where to begin?
  • Do you have a business or nonprofit and want to take it to the next level?
  • Do you live and/or have a current business in the DFW Metroplex?

16-Week Program 

Our hands on curriculum-based 16-week program meets weekly, we have day, afternoon, evening and Saturday classes, that are facilitated by business professionals and subject matter experts. The program ends with a formal business and marketing plan presentation.

Applications are being accepted. Register for an appointment to learn more about the program and how we can help you start a business and realize the American dream.

Training includes:

  • Time Management
  • Assessing Your Business Idea
  • Marketing Analysis
  • Financing and Financial Management
  • Business Structure and Taxes
  • Development of a Business Plan
  • Development of a Marketing Plan
  • Training and materials are provided

Space is limited and interested participants should REGISTER HERE for pre-course meeting and evaluation