How To Qualify – Entrepreneur Training


If you are a Veteran Woman, Minority or Member of Minority Community and ready to pursue a life of financial and personal independence, you have come to the right place.

  • The Minority Business Accelerator Program qualifications are:
  • The intended client for Mission/Bridges has the following characteristics:
  • 25 years old and up
  • Veteran, Woman or Minority or Member of a Minority Community
  • Little or No college education
  • Income less than $35,000 per year/$45,000 if you have dependents
  • Lives within the city limits of DFW Metroplex
  • Has ideas for entrepreneurship, but lacks the know-how or skills to launch
  • Willing to commit to complete 16 week program. (typically meets 3 hours/1 day per week)

Traits You Should Possess or Learn To Be An Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurs come in all kinds of shapes and sizes; there may be a general profile, but there isn’t any particular type of background that makes a great entrepreneur.  That’s why we are not here to focus on your background, education, or even your financial situation.  But in order to provide you with a better sense of some of the traits we value, here are some areas upon which we focus:


Being an entrepreneur is not about perfection; it’s about imperfect action.  You need to be able to think on your feet and make quick decisions.  You have to being willing to fail and then bounce right back.


We are not interested in looking at your high school or college transcripts — we understand that ‘intelligence’ can come in many forms.  What we look for is business aptitude.  When you start your own venture, you need to be able to identify new opportunities, identify trends, solve problems and come up with creative solutions to many challenges.


Being an entrepreneur requires motivation on many levels.  It all begins with self-motivation, which means that first and foremost you need to be accountable to yourself.  Therefore, we look for people that are extremely goal-oriented and task-focused.

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