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The Minority Business Accelerator Program is designed to provide Veterans, Women and Minority and those in Underserved Communities, with the education, resources, strategies and the confidence needed to determine the viability of a new idea, launch and grow a new business.



For many aspiring entrepreneurs starting a business in today’s challenging economic climate can seem daunting.  The truth is that with the right training and support, new opportunities abound for those who are willing to take a risk and pursue their dreams.  For those who are ready to accept the challenge, Mission Bridges can help provide you with everything you need to launch and grow your new business.

Business Idea from Concept To Execution

Our interactive 16-week entrepreneurial training and development program will prepare you to launch and grow your new business.  We will work with you to fully develop your idea and then equip you with the knowledge and tools to execute your plan.

Formula for Success

The Minority Business Accelerator Program combines instruction from experienced entrepreneurs, one-on-one business mentoring, peer-to-peer learning, job shadowing and the resources needed to help aspiring entrepreneurs produce all the elements of an effective business plan.  This proven formula helps to set entrepreneurs on a path to building wealth and independence by providing knowledge and support to create the mindset needed to succeed.

Online Learning Environment

The Minority Business Accelerator Program is taught over a 16-week period utilizing online instruction along with offline practical exercises designed to provoke business learning and thought.   The course is facilitated by Entrepreneur instructors and guest instructors who are experts in their fields.  You gain an overall better understanding of what it takes to become an entrepreneur.  Through video lectures, case study activities and in-depth discussions, the program provides a wealth of information designed to introduce you to the concepts needed to develop a clear understanding of how to start and grow a business from concept through execution.

Results-Based Learning

The Minority Business Accelerator Program combines classroom, online instruction, peer-to-peer learning and small group collaboration.  The overall focus of the program will allow you to assess your idea, test its feasibility, and prepare you to execute the plan.  You will work individually and in small groups to prepare and deliver presentations of your business ideas.  Throughout the program, you will receive expert advice from instructors and.

Ongoing Support

The Minority Business Accelerator Program is designed for individuals seeking to become entrepreneurs. You will find you are surrounded by other like-minded entrepreneurs, creating a unique learning environment and opportunities to share ideas and collaborate.  Though group learning and various exercises, you will gain new business insights from their peers as well as instructors and facilitators.

Program Costs

The Minority Business Accelerator Program works to keep costs as low as possible.  We are a nonprofit and our goal is to continue to get sponsors to cover all or most of the costs for our students.  We also have several payment plan options available. If you decide to apply and are accepted the program you are required to pay a $150 Course Fee to cover administration fees, instructor costs, and other expenses of running a 16 week program. (Upon successful completion of the course you will receive $50 refund). All other cost is Free.

Unlike many entrepreneurial programs, we do not take equity or require any additional costs to be part of our network.